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Zoho MailSelecting a system for your business email can feel like such a big decision given then number of options out there.  If your email doesn’t work well, it can create huge issues for you and your business.  The three top choices seem to always boil down to G Suite, Microsoft Outlook, and Zoho.  These programs are very similar in many ways but it seems like people make choices on comfort and familiarity.  Everyone knows who Google and Microsoft are but not many know about Zoho.

Zoho is a powerhouse to be reckoned with that includes a full suite of options to help you manage your business.  From invoicing to CRM to job posts to email…and a whole lot of other options in between.

I’ve been using Zoho as my invoicing system for about a year now and it is by far the system I’ve been most happy with.  The ease of use, the fair pricing, the customer service, and the comfort for my clients has made it one of the best decisions I made in late 2019.

Making the Leap to Zoho

Because of my comfort with this platform and seeing Zoho in action in other areas, I decided to make the leap for recommending this platform to my clients for their email. With their full service suite, easy setup, great customer service and affordable pricing it’s really a win-win.  They have free plans that include some very basic email function that works for many but if you need a lot of users/email addresses, larger storage space, want to be able to access your Zoho emails through another system like G mail or multiple domains; you may need to upgrade to another plan.  Their next level is just $1/month/user.  With G Suite and Microsoft Office starting at $5 and $4 respectively…maybe not a lot of money but it sure adds up quickly if you have a lot of users.

I highly recommend Zoho for your business email needs.  If you are a client, support with connecting your domain and basic account set up are included with your WP Care Plan.  Other services are also available for an additional (but still affordable) fee.

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