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Hi! Michele with “Bergh Consulting” and this is going to be the last video I think, in the series of videos regarding “Content collection for your website project” And these are all fairly short sections. So I think I can handle them all in one video, instead of breaking it down. I hope that’s okay and works well for you. The first section that we’re going to talk about here is the “Contact Information” So your choices for contact include things like a contact form, your phone number, email address, if you have a physical address, any social media platforms that you’re on, those kind of things. And we’re just going to go through here in some of the basics. I do want to talk a little bit about the contact form. You are welcome to have a contact form on your website.

The pros to this is that it makes it very easy for someone to reach out to you. They don’t have to do any extra steps they can just fill out the form and send it and you can ask whatever questions you want in that form to collect the information that you need. The cons to that are that we are seeing a huge uptick in people using contact forms on websites to advertise services or try to spam or scam somebody. And it’s a lot of management and trying to decipher if they’re real or not and it’s just really annoying. So that is definitely a con, and the other con is that even though you’re supposed to get the contact form emailed to you from WordPress, it doesn’t always go through. It doesn’t matter the platform that you’re using but in this case, we’re using WordPress and it’s just it’s technology and there are several steps along the way, several the route that it takes, several steps for kind of like approval and seeing it as a valid email from a valid email address and it can get hung up in a lot of different places. There are some things that we can do to help with that but there are no guarantees it’s technology. And I do suggest that anybody who has a contact form on their website, check their website regularly, very regularly to make sure that they’re not missing any forms because they’re important for your business. So those are the downfalls.

The other options are to just have your email and or your phone number listed on the website. And if you want those listed there are spots here to fill in what you’d like listed and displayed. You can have a contact form and these as well but, generally people are going to have at least one of these and then maybe another method as well. I do recommend having two methods wherever possible. If you do want a contact form, you’re also going to have to fill out what fields you want on that contact form. If you have a physical address, you’re going to want to fill that out. If you have social media profiles that you want linked, I’ve included the bulk of them here. You’re going to want to copy and paste, go to those profiles, copy and paste what’s in the address bar and place it in the fields here. I don’t really recommend including any that you are not active on or don’t have really valid current information on because it just doesn’t look good for your business. Focus on the ones that you do well that you do consistently, they’re gonna get you more value and be a better place for people to connect with you off your website, if they choose to do so. And that is it for contact information.

Moving on to “Website Assets” This is also a fairly short piece here. If we’ve worked on a branding package, then you won’t need to upload the logo here if that’s something that we’ve done but, if we haven’t, then you’ll want to include the logo here. Best quality, there’s some tips here. It has to be a “png”, has to have a transparent background and it needs to be at least “300 pixels” wide. So that it can be used effectively wherever it’s needed on the website. The other piece that’s being asked here is about images, icons graphics, etc., already selected for your website. If you do, then I’ll reach out and coordinate getting those over because they tend to be more files. Some of them larger and there’s an easier way probably than connecting them to the form but, if you don’t have those things selected already, then that’s just going to be a different trigger for me to figure out where we need to go next. It’s a client’s responsibility to provide those unless there was a line item added for support in getting those. If we did a branding package, you may have some of these it’ll depend on the level of branding that you had done. And I also can provide some basic, I have some free websites that you can find images on to use or there are also sites where you can pay for them. But I have a couple of pretty good sites that work for most people and can be included in your website project at no extra charge.

The last question on here is about legal pages. Now I’m not an attorney, that’s my disclaimer. I can’t advise you on this. This is a business legal issue. It’s not just about your website. So in terms of your website, there’s content that you are required by law to have posted on that website if you’re doing business on it. So a privacy policy is required minimally for everybody. There’s really not any place that doesn’t require you to have a privacy policy. In some cases, you might also need a terms of service page, if you’re selling products or services. And then also a disclaimer page is another possibility that usually relates to if you’re doing anything in the health and wellness industry, the legal industry or if you have affiliate links included in any of your content. So this is really just, here’s what’s required. It’s, I can’t really give you a lot of– I can’t advise you on this and tell you exactly what you need. But this tells me where you’re at with this, that you’re clear about it and you’re gonna take care of it, that you’re clear about it but you need a little extra help with like getting it on the website. You really don’t know what it is and you want support or you know that it’s a risk to not follow the law in terms of having these on your website and you’re going to choose not to have them or you know, take care of them yourself down the road.

So whatever you choose here will determine where we go next with that. I do have a larger piece that gives you a little more information on these three items, helps you determine whether you need them and then you just let me know which option you’re choosing, and we get it done. And that’s it. That is all of it. So now if your website is more than just that kind of home page story brand layout, then once we have all of this, we’ll start putting this together and working on this and then we’ll start looking at those other pages. So if you have any questions in the process, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask. Hopefully, these videos were helpful in walking you through the forum if you needed a little extra guidance. But again, don’t hesitate to reach out if you need something else. I look forward to getting all your content and getting started on your project. 

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