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So for most of my career (I can’t believe I’ve been doing this full time for over 13 years!), I have subscribed to the Adobe suite of tools, which if you use any of those tools, know are quite costly. Last year, I came across some other tools that were much more affordably priced and worked just as well for what I needed. I decided to make the leap and switch over to those tools.

That suite of tools is called Affinity and they have one that is similar to Photoshop, one that’s similar to illustrator, and one that’s similar to InDesign. They also have apps for your tablet. Affinity has worked really well, but since getting rid of the Adobe suite, I’ve struggled a little bit with the PDF piece. Until now.

I came across this tool and thought that it might be helpful. Since I get frequent questions from clients, I thought I’d share here. The website is I love and it is completely free. They do have a paid-for version if you need it but things have worked well on the free version for me. Features include:

  • Split the document apart.
  • Merge documents.
  • Compress file size.
  • Convert PDF to Word, PowerPoint or Excel and visa versa.
  • Edit the PDF
  • Convert a PDF to a JPEG or visa versa.
  • And more!

I think this is a great tool and thought it might be helpful to someone enough for me to do a video on it. I hope that it makes your life easier.

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