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Getting Started

We’ve created this Knowledge Base or FAQs, if you will, to provide a higher level of support when you need answers now or are simply more of a DIYer.  We’ll be growing this out as we have time and are quite excited about it, giddy actually.

You see, I love creating short videos and providing direction for clients.  To date, much of what I’ve done has been quite individualized.  As much as I love doing this, it really isn’t sustainable and I am all about sustainability.  Too many times in my life I’ve tried to do things that were important to me only to feel like I failed because what I was doing simply wasn’t sustainable.  As much as I’ve enjoyed doing this so far and as much as I see the value I provided, I also cringe a little inside to think of all the videos I’ve made…the instructions I’ve typed out…that I couldn’t really share because they were done using someone specific website so I haven’t wanted to share.

The idea for this knowledge base has come from all the videos I’ve created in the past with a fresh vision and the tools to make it happen.  I’ve created a sandbox website where I can showcase tools and provide direction that will hopefully give the same benefit but to a lot of people.  Instead of creating videos on your site specifically, if it’s something that others will likely need as well, I’ll be using the sandbox website instead and posting here.

I see this as a WIN-WIN and I hope you do too.

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