Getting Started With Zoho Mail For Your Branded Emails (Care Plan Members)

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Zoho MailTo get started with Zoho for your email, you’ll need to sign up for an account.  Once this is done, I will take care of the following at no extra charge for all WP Care Plan Clients:

  • Verify domain
  • Complete host records within your domain so your email works correctly
  • Set up email accounts for your team members provided to me during this process*
  • Set up aliases/forwards if needed provided to me during this process*
  • Provide you with login information to distribute to your team members

You’ll also find support articles in our Knowledge Base to help you get comfortable with the system, if needed.  We can provide additional support above and beyond what’s listed above at an additional fee.

If you’re ready to get started, you’ll need to set up your Zoho account (contact information and payment information if needed) and provide me with the following by submitting a support ticket:

  • Login details for your Zoho account (do not turn on 2 Factor Authentication yet as it will make it hard for me to access – save this step for once everything is complete on my end)
  • List of emails needed along with names associated with each email, any aliases needed for each email, any forwards needed for each email
  • Login details for your domain if I don’t manage your domain registration for you

The video below is a brief overview of how to choose an account and what needs to be set up for me to proceed.  The most important aspects are to remember that the free version only allows up to 5 email address, 1 domain, and you cannot feed it into gmail or any other system.  You’d access your emails through their webmail (website) or one of their apps.  If this doesn’t work for you, you’ll want to look at the $1/user/month plan and see if that’s a better fit.

*The free services are limited to the one-time initial set up.  Any additions or changes needed after this can be done at an additional fee.

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