Help! I Can’t See My Recent Changes or the Latest Version of My New Site!

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Help! I Can’t See My Recent Changes or the Latest Version of My New Site!

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Hi. Michele here with Bergh Consulting.

In this video today, I’m going to give you some helpful tips for how to see your new website or web page if you’re having trouble after making some recent changes or going live.

Sometimes caching causes a problem with you being able to see what your site really looks like after you’ve made changes, or you’ve just completed a project and gone live. A couple of tips are to try a completely different browser. Not one that you normally use. One is to use a private or incognito window. That can be helpful, but not always guaranteed. What it says here will depend on the browser that you’re using. The third option is to use a control shift and the letter R, which I cannot do while I’m doing a video. That will do a hard refresh or reset on that page and hopefully bring up the changes that you’ve made.

Caching is a necessary evil, I guess you could say, because it helps your pages load faster, it controls the amount of bandwidth it takes loading and downloading pages. It’s done on a few different levels. It’s done at your internet provider, it’s done on your browser, it’s done on the website, it’s done on the server. Sometimes we just have to wait, give it a little bit of time to change, and I just recommend staying away from a site for a small period of time if none of these tips have helped and seeing if the next time you visit, and again, I would try a browser you’re not used to using, I would try the incognito window and see if you’re able to see those changes. If you’re sure in the backend that everything looks right, then trust that it is. It’s just going to take some time for you to see it.

Remember that just because you’re seeing an old version, because you’ve been on your site probably several times, doesn’t mean that’s what someone else is seeing. They’re likely going to see what’s live in the moment unless they’ve been on your site before.

So trust in the process, try these helpful tips and hopefully you’ll be able to see your changes or your new site in its perfect condition soon.

Thanks for joining me. I hope this was helpful. I’ll see you in the next video.

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