How Do I Get Support?

How Can We Help?

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If you need support, first and foremost know that we are here for you and there is generally no need to panic.  We’d love it if technology never fails us but we also know it isn’t a perfect resource.

We are here to support you and there is rarely an issue we can’t resolve.

We bring peace to a space that can be otherwise stressful and overwhelming. Let us help.

If you are a client of our and would like support, please (via email) submit a request.

The following information should be included with your ticket:

  • Name
  • Email (best to include one not connected to the website in case email is an issue)
  • URL of website
  • Exact location of issue on your website (this could be sitewide or on a specific page or within a specific feature)
  • Describe issue as thoroughly as possible
  • Include screenshots whenever possible
  • Include a video to show your experience in full whenever possible (have you used Loom?  Seriously amazing video tool and really easy to use – even works on all devices)
  • Let us know how urgent the issue is (i.e. my site is down, my site looks funky or something important isn’t working right even though it’s up, or I noticed this thing but it’s not terribly pressing)
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