How to Find Where Your Email is Hosted

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Hi, thanks for joining me today. Michele, here with Bergh consulting. In this video today, I’m going to cover how to identify where your emails are being housed.

They may or may not be on the same server as your website. It’s better to not have them together. It’s better to have them on a source that is really geared for email to get better service, but sometimes for whatever reason, they may or may not be together. If you’re not sure where yours are housed, you can come to this website and enter your domain here and click go. I’ve already entered my test domain here so that it would save a little bit of time, and you’re just going to scroll down here and you’re going to look right here under MX records, and you’re going to look and see what it says here and you’re looking for some sort of identifier.

So, in this case, I can tell that my email is housed at Zoho. If you have somebody asking you about your email or trying to help you with something, and you’re not sure how to decipher what’s here, you can simply copy and paste this information into an email or however you’re communicating with them and they will likely know how to decipher that. But, you’re looking for any kind of identifier. It may have Google somewhere in here, which tells you that you’re using G Suite. It may have Outlook, which tells you that you’re using Microsoft. Zoho tells you that you’re using Zoho. If it says something about Site Ground in here then it’s on Site Ground. But, if you’re having difficulty telling, hopefully the person who is helping you can identify it.

I hope this video was helpful. Thanks for joining me and we’ll see you in the next video.

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