How to Set Up An Automation for Your Free Offer in MailerLite

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The second step of the process is the automation. And what this is is a series of emails that will go out to your subscribers as soon as they sign up. The first one is going to be what triggers their download. It’s going to have a link in there, so you don’t need to include that anywhere else. And specifically, make sure that you don’t include it in that custom thank you page. You want to make sure that they go through all the proper steps to become subscribed to your list. Otherwise, you’re giving away your item and they’re not necessarily completing the steps and then you won’t be able to capture that information.

So if you have a list that’s already set up very closely to what you want, then you can just duplicate that and start customizing it. Otherwise, you’ll need to start from scratch. So in this case, I’m going to go ahead and duplicate one that is existing because what I’m doing is really very, very similar. And I’ve got to wait for it to copy here. So I’m going to pause the video while it does that.

Okay, I’m going to go ahead and use this one that’s existing and just walk you through the process. The first step is always going to be that when a subscriber joins the group and specify the group here, that’s the first trigger that starts this flow of emails. There are a variety of thought processes, so the triggers that you use and the content that you use is going to be dependent on your style and your content. In this case, how we have it set up is that on the first trigger, which is when they subscribe, they get this email immediately. And this email is the link to download their ebook. It’s a welcome note and a go ahead and download.

In this case, I wait one day and I send them another email the next day that says, “Hey, just want to say hi again. Wanted to make sure that you downloaded your free ebook. If you haven’t yet, here’s a link just to make it easy.” So I wanted to do that right away because I want it to be fresh in their mind before they forget that they signed up for this thing and remind them, give them a easy opportunity to download again if they didn’t the first day.

In most cases, I would probably just include a link to it in every email that you send so that they have it at their disposal if they need it. In this case, I waited one more day now and I’m sending a third email that just says, “How are you feeling? Have you had a chance to read it? Are you excited, confused, overwhelmed? How can I help you? Hit reply and let me know.” So I’m looking to engage with them.

I wait one more day and I send them another email that says, “Hey, tell me what’s going really well? Hit reply, let me know,” because I want them to feel empowered and I want them to realize that there are things that they do really well. So that is my thought process behind this set up specifically. But the content is going to depend on what your goals are.

And the final email that gets sent, in this case, is “How can I help you move forward?” It’s just sent the next day. Got some tips in there and then how can I help you? And at this point then, they would hopefully be, within a week or so, they would be getting other emails from my blog posts and other offers that I might have. Hopefully, they’ve connected with social media. You can include those kind of things in these posts as well. It just really depends on, like I said, your style, your goals, your content. But I recommend highly just keep it simple and don’t overwhelm people. Just the goal at this point is to support them, make sure they download it, and stay connected.

And you’ll also want to make sure when you’re setting this up for a new one that you are changing the subject line, making sure that you’ve updated the content, and that all your triggers make sense for the flow that you’re working on. And that’s it.

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