How To Set Up An Opt-In Subscription Form in MailerLite

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Here is how you set up a form in MailerLite for your opt-in offers on your website.

The first thing that you need to do is make sure that you have pages on your website that refer to these pieces. You have your opt-in page, your landing page, and this link is going to take them to the, as you can see in the lower left-hand corner, the landing page on MailerLite, that we’re about to create.

You also want to have a custom thank you page. It’s just a little more personal and it gives them… It lets them know what they should be watching for when they… After they sign up.

So moving back over here, the first thing we’re going to do is turn on the double opt-in. It’s the best way to handle one of these. The second piece is we’re going to preview the design. We’re just going to go right into edit instead of clicking on the preview, because we’re going to need to make some changes.

The first change is to make sure that this text is correct for what you’re connecting this to. If you have copied an existing form, you’re going to have to change this. If you’re starting from scratch, you’re still going to have to change this, because you’re going to need to customize it.

You also have the option to do a success message. That doesn’t matter because we’re going to send them to a special page instead. In the settings here, you want to make sure that they are confirming that they do want to be signed up. It’s a required field. It speaks to the GDPR piece. And then you also want to select custom success page and put in that link for your thank you page to make sure that’s where they’re taken after they sign up.

 When they sign up with a double opt-in, they’re going to get a message in their email that says, “Hey, is this really you? And is this really what you want?” That’s going to come from this spot here. So once again, you want to make sure that it’s a fairly simple read, but that basically you’re asking them to confirm. Then there is a thank you page here, as well. That is all you need to do to set up a form for your new landing page for your opt-in offer.

You’ll find the link here that you want to use with your buttons so that it brings someone straight to your form. You also want to make sure that you subscribe them to a group that is specific to that opt-in.

When you click on edit, if this isn’t right or you need to add this, you will have an option to add a new group, if your group doesn’t exist yet. So you don’t need to do that first. You can just come in here and add the new group if it’s not here and that is it.

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