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Hi, I’m Michele Bergh here with Bergh Consulting. And in this video today, we’re going to cover the basics of using the tool mark-up, to provide feedback on your project. In this case, I’m using a website project, and I’m going to use my website as an example. Just to show you around the screen here, the interface, and get you acquainted with that, so you can go ahead and get started and giving feedback. I love this tool, I think it’s fairly simple to use and it keeps things really, really organized. So that’s really great, and I’m excited to share it with you. Over here, we have your standard search bar and we have two buttons here for active and resolved. These relate to the comments. So, if you have a comment of something on the website that you want changed, they will show up here. So I’m going to go ahead. I’m in the comment screen, and I’m going to just click on this and let’s just say I tested it and the Link doesn’t work. Link doesn’t work should be…

Okay. And then go ahead and give as many details as possible, anytime you leave a comment. That’s going to get things done quickly and keep them moving. So it makes sure there aren’t any other mistakes made in the process. So you would put your link right here about what, where this should link to, and then you can go ahead and post it and it shows up right here. So once I have handled a request, I can either comment on it and say replaced link, please review.

And have you make sure that it’s okay. And if it is, you can either apply or just hit resolve and move it to the resolved section. So, now it doesn’t look like we have any active comments, but we can still see that one that was taken care of because it was put over here into resolve, keeps it nice and organized. If you put it over here by mistake, simple, click on that, but unresolved button, we’ll move it back into the active category. Moving down over here, this is to get back to the homepage of your account. This is to see how many comments are in here. This is to view the project on desktop tablets or mobile.

The one thing I want to say about this is you do not at this point, want to be reviewing tablet or mobile and leaving comments. We always design and develop with mobile in mind, but we always wait until everything is done to double check those pieces, and then make any adjustments if we need to. So this wouldn’t be the time to be suggesting changes to these views because we’re not at that point yet. And then here we have a couple of options about sending email notifications and showing pins in browse mode. I can’t click on these because I’m in video mode and it won’t let me, but sending the email notifications can be helpful, but it’s also just okay to say, Hey, I’m all done reviewing in one email, and then I can come in here and see them, see your changes requested. The other one here about showing pins and browse mode. This can be helpful, particularly if you’re possibly viewing a page more than once, so that you can see what you’ve already done. Then moving over here, the blue box is the area that you’re viewing, you’re able to scroll through that just as if you were on the website. And right now you’re in the comments section. You’ve got the cursor that moves around in blue with the plus sign on it. You can scroll side to side, if you need to, generally, you’re not going to need to, and then scroll up and down as needed. I showed you how to make the one comment, you can click anywhere on here. If it’s something like a picture, an image, you might just say wrong image, prefer this one.

And then you would definitely want to attach your image here. You can drag and drop, or you can browse your computer to find that file and get it attached. And then you would go ahead and post over here. So, doing your edits that way makes it really specific and very easy for me to come in and make the changes for you. If there is text that’s wrong, go ahead and click roughly where the text begins that you don’t like and say, change this sentence to read, and then type in what you want. So, now you can see that you’ve got a few going on here. I don’t have it clicked to show them if I’m in browsing mode, but I would say for you that that is a helpful feature to have engaged when you’re reviewing so that you can keep track.

The last piece about keeping track, let’s say that you have visited this page and you don’t have any changes, but you want to make a note, so that you know you’ve visited it. You could just click up here in the corner and say, reviewed, no changes needed. And post. And now it’s going to show up here. And if I mark this reasonable resolved, it will turn, if I’m displaying them, it’ll be gray. But doing that will you to keep track of knowing that you’ve already been on this page, even though there’s no marks on it. And the last feature that I want to mention is this share button over here. You do have the ability to share this project with other people to get feedback. I don’t highly recommend it, and I’ll put some suggestions about why and what to do if you decide to share it with others to get feedback.

But in a nutshell, you want make sure that you’re only showing it to your ideal target or somebody who has website design and development experience and knowledge to be giving you feedback. And you want to be very specific about the kind of feedback that you’re looking for. Some design is subjective, there are aspects of a website that if someone’s not in that field, they may not know or understand why something was done, the way that it was done. And if someone’s not your ideal target market, ideal client or customer, you’re not speaking to them. So the feedback that they give you might not be helpful. And the only type of feedback I would be asking, if I’m asking somebody else for feedback would be, is it clean? Is it easy to read? Can you find what you needed, find your way around?

Did you notice any misspellings? Did you read anything, and it didn’t really make sense? Did you notice any links that aren’t working, in terms of function and features, those kinds of things, stick to that. And that kind of feedback can be really helpful to have another set of eyes on it, but otherwise you’ll want to be very mindful of what feedback they provide. Now, if you share with them, they’re going to be able to make comments just like you are. And just to know, if this is a project that you’re working with me on any comments that are made by someone, other than you will be ignored by me, the only changes I’m going to be making are the ones that you asked me to make. So if somebody makes a comment in here and you agree with their comment, then you need to make your own comment being specific with what you want changed and how, or what isn’t working.

And then mark theirs resolved because their comments are really for you. And then you’ll want to decide whether those are things that you want to have me do or want to ask me about. And your comments are for me. So I hope this was helpful. I’m sorry that it’s a little bit longer, but I want to make sure that you have what you need to be able to give the best feedback possible because the better the feedback, the faster I’m going to be able to make these changes, and the faster we’ll be able to get your project live. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks for watching and I’ll catch you in the next video.

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