How to Use Wallace Inline Editor to Speed Up Your Site Editing

How to Use Wallace Inline Editor to Speed Up Your Site Editing

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Hi, I’m Michele with Bergh Consulting. And in this video, I want to share with you one of my absolute favorite tools, the Wallace Inline Editor. I’m using this with Beaver Builder tools, which I also love, and it works seamlessly. So when you log into your website, I’m currently looking at the front end view of the website, what a visitor would see. I also have this black admin bar across the top of my screen, and you’ll see this live editor option here, this is here because of that Wallace Inline tool.

So the live editor allows you to be on the front end of your website and make some very simple changes to links, to text, to some images, some just simple things that as you’re looking at your website, you might think, “Oh, I don’t like how that sounds,” or, “Oops, I have a typo,” or, “I’d like to change out that image.” And depending on how everything is built, a lot of those things can be taken care of very easily with the live editor. So when you click on the live editor to make a change, you’re going to see that these little dotted lines appear around some of your content. For example, it’s not appearing around the menu here, it’s not appearing around the background here.

This is a testimonial and it rotates, so it’s not appearing around this, it’s a little more complicated. Yes, so you can see that a lot of the page has the little dotted lines around it, but a few things don’t. So anything with a dotted line around it, is something that you can easily edit using this tool, and you can see that it’s almost the whole page. So what you want to do is pick the area that you want to edit, let’s say you wanted to edit this. When I hover over it, it changes to a solid line letting me know that, this is the content that I’m going to edit if I start making changes. So I will just type like you would type in any text editor, word editor, social media platform, and you just make whatever changes you want to make.

And then when you’re all done and you like what you have, you come down into the lower left-hand corner and click on done. If you’ve made changes, it’s going to give you this discard or publish option, which you can choose from depending on if you’re satisfied of what you’ve completed or not, if you’re not satisfied you can just discard all your changes and you’re good to go, and you can start fresh. If you do like what you did, you can go ahead and just publish it. So I’m just going to discard because we didn’t actually make any changes, and I don’t want anything messed up on the front end here, but you can go through your whole site this way. So let’s take a look at a couple of other options.

This here is actually an image, so when I click on that, I get this editing box, which brings me right into my media library, which is amazing, and then I can just either upload a new photo or grab one from the media library that’s already there, even on these buttons, if you click on the dotted line, it’s going to give you an option to edit the link. If you don’t like the link, but you can also see that you have this flashing line here. So you can also edit the text right in the box here to change what the button says, if you want to do that.

So as you can see, it’s really simple to make fairly simple edits site-wide, you’ll be able to tell right away if there are areas that you need to go in and use your other tools. In my case, it’s the Beaver Builder page builder to make those edits. And I do have another video here with an overview of Beaver Builder on my YouTube channel, and that will give you a general idea of how to move around easily in there, if you want to check that out. Thanks for watching with me, and I hope this is helpful. If you need more help, please reach out in the comments below or message me, I’m happy to help. Thank you.

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