What Is Google Tag Manager?

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Google Tag ManagerThere are times when I feel there’s content that you may have questions about and want more information but I don’t have a video on it nor is it in the queue at this time to make one.  I’m a lover of sustainability and not reinventing the wheel unless there’s something about that “wheel” that doesn’t work for our needs.  In times like these, I’ll defer to sharing a link that I have found to be fairly easy to understand, depending on your comfort with technology, and hopefully, it will give you an overview that’s helpful.  This is one of those cases.  Google Tag Manager is an amazing tool for those that need it but it doesn’t come without a learning curve, as mentioned in the article.  They claim that it’s easy and you don’t need a developer and, while that may be true, your comfort level with the information required could make this a somewhat challenging task.  I found this article on Google Tag Manager to be quite helpful in understanding the basics.

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