How Sticking to Values Results in Easier Decision-Making

Life is filled with tough decisions! Just when you feel like you’re out of the woods, up pops another thorny choice. There’s very little you can do to avoid difficult decisions, but you can make them easier.

The most straightforward approach to facilitate easier decision-making is to focus on values. What your belief system allows you to approve of is the key to relieve the stress that normally comes with tough decisions.

Consider these points:

  1. Your moral meter is your guide. With your moral meter being your guide, tough decisions feel way less crushing! When you use factors other than your morals to decide, you end up confused and doubtful of your choices.
  2. Your morals can also be considered as your conscience. However, it’s easy to twist your conscience based on how your decisions affect others. So stick to your morals. They’ll always keep you on the right track.
  3. Take a moment to consider what drives your morals. Is it experiences? Or what you grew up learning was right? Even though your morals are often consulted, be sure that they are coming from the best source.
  4. You avoid the pressure from loved ones. By committing to your values, you can be certain that you’re making a wise choice, despite what your friends or family may want you to do.
  5. Block everything else out. Avoid listening to the mumblings around you because they can be very influential.
  6. The outcome based on your values may result unfavorably for some loved ones. But if the love is mutual, they’ll appreciate the integrity with which you acted.
  7. You reduce stress. You can sleep well at night knowing that the compass you use is always on track.
  8. You’d be surprised how easily stress can eat away at you! When you try to please others instead of your morals, your mind is hardly at ease.
  9. Give yourself the peace of mind you deserve. Always choose one path to decision-making. It’s good to sacrifice for the special people in your life. But when that comes at the expense of your inner peace, it’s far from worth it!
  10. You are respected by others. Gaining the respect of peers, friends, and family is important. It helps you get through life knowing that you’re on the right path. And when you make decisions based on values, that respect is surely guaranteed.
  11. You’ll probably find that people in your circle consult you with challenges. They see you as the person whose decisions aren’t affected by outside factors. They look to you for guidance.
  12. Although others look to you for moral-based decision-making, avoid getting in too deep. Remind them that their moral compass is different from yours. Encourage them to spend time understanding what’s really important to them. They can then work with their compass instead of yours.

There are many reasons to base your decisions on your value system. Remember life is about what’s important to you. At the end of the day, your ultimate happiness is the ideal focal point. Build that happiness through values-based decision-making.