How to Write Absolutely Addictive Articles

Copywriting can be really hard for most of us.  I frequently have clients ask me to help them with their copy but it’s not something I feel really comfortable doing because I’m not an expert.  I understand the basics and feel okay giving some suggestions but that’s about it.  I thought I’d look for some resources to share with you that might really help you with your own writing.

Here is an article originally published on Hubspot (a highly recommended and trusted company for marketing).

“If you’re feeling noncommittal at the moment, don’t read it. Save it. Bookmark this page for later, when you have more time.

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You’ll be glad you did, especially if your goal is to write articles of your own. Articles that lure readers in slowly, carefully, inching them down the page, sentence by sentence, until the words run out. Articles people can’t stop reading.

Joe Sugarman wrote articles like this. In fact, he was behind some of the most addictive and profitable articles ever created. Except he called them “print ads.”

Meet Joe.

In 1986, Joe Sugarman, a direct response copywriter, wrote a print ad for BluBlocker Sunglasses. The ad helped an iconic brand take root. It also made him rich…”

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