I Wish…

i wish

I Wish…

Sometimes I’m not feeling inspired to write. I’m guessing most of us feel that way ocassionally. I find myself thinking, if I had a magic wand…what would I use it for? My usual response is…to get some help.

And that’s my hot tip for you today…get some help.

Here are a couple of ways you can get help with your blog:

  • Interview someone. Come up with a few people you’d love to know more about and you think would also be of interest to your readers. Write up 3-7 questions and send them a quick email asking if they’d be willing to do an email interview with you and answer the questions. Ask for a photo and offer to link their social media accounts and website to your post. The interview becomes a blog post. It’s a win-win for everyone.
  • Invite someone to write a guest post. Similar to above, but this time ask them to write the post or ask them if you can share an article they put in a recent newsletter on your blog. Make the same offer for a photo and links. Ideally, make sure the content isn’t published elsewhere – search engines don’t care for that.
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