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Interactive Media and Graphic Design

Trained Facilitator

Creating Healing Experiences that Work, which takes consultation tools and walks you through the process of creating a customer journey map and emotional branding.

Masterminds and Mentors, a small-group mastermind/coaching program.

Success Principles with Jack Canfield, Train the Trainer program.

Additional Studies

Constantly learning and growing is a priority.  Michele's business focus for learning includes WordPress, website design and development, user experience, branding, driving traffic, conversion, social media, and general business development.

She's also spent several years studying in the holistic realm.  She holds numerous certifications including Holistic Life Coach, Stress Management Specialist, One Command Practitioner, Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, Holistic Health Practitioner, ThetaHealing DNA Level 2 Basic Practitioner, and more.

Additionally, she served on the Anoka-Ramsey Community College Integrated Health & Healing Advisory Board from 2018-2020.

A Few Other Details

Michele has written a book, published a CD, been a guest on a few radio shows, and had several articles published.  [READ MORE HERE]


You might be a little confused right now if you've followed Michele for a while but, rest assured, you are in the right place.  Initially combine her personal blog and business, she has now separated the two.  My legal business name is Lodestone Dynamics LLC.  For ease, we're using our DBA, Bergh Consulting.

Why Lodestone Dynamics?

Not many people know what a lodestone is and it’s story is quite special.

A lodestone is a magnetite but not all magnetite is a lodestone.  To become lodestone, the magnetite must be struck by lightning which then makes it magnetic.  These magnetic qualities led to the invention of the compass, since they could be used to point north.  Because it was hard to explain the process of becoming magnetic, they were often associated with magical or alchemical events. Sailors used lodestones in their navigation and the Chinese appear to have been the first to discover how these stones could be used for navigation.

“Lode” originally meant a leader. The term “lodestone” is also used to refer to something or someone with strong attractive properties.

Michele first heard about the lodestone in September of 2007 when I was searching for a name for a networking group I was starting.  She was overjoyed at how perfect it was!  The magnet – all about attracting and bringing together.  The lightning – all about enlightenment and energy.  The compass – all about helping someone find direction.

When she decided to use the term on a bigger scale – in the name of this business she was creating, it was because of how perfect it still was.  Her desire is to create the energy and the vision around attracting people to one another, both as strategic partners and to help my clients attract their clients.  Michele is here to help you find your way in creating a successful business.  Dynamics is all about movement and taking action.

That’s how we became Lodestone Dynamics LLC.

Michele Bergh, Owner, has been featured on various radio shows as well as both print and online publications.  She has published a book, Inspiring Success, as well as a CD, Heart's Desire, both in 2009.

Radio Show Guest

M&M Intro
M&M At the Kitchen Table
M&M Learning Feedback Skills

Also featured on The Brainbox Trust, Cirklagirl, The Prosperity Student + Guide to Awareness - audios no longer available

Publication Contributor

Wonder Anew, 2014

Seek Your Course regular blog contributor, 2013

Featured on Louise Gale's blog, 2012

Sprout Online Magazine, Joy, 2012

Sprout Online Magazine, My Home: Love & Dreams, 2012

Sprout Online Magazine, I am Prosperous, 2011

The Edge Publication, Soul Connection with Shanti, 2009

Second Opinion Publication, ThetaHealing, 2008

Essential Wellness Publication, Energy Healing: Finding Your Way 2007

Whispers of Spirit Publication, What’s In Your Wallet?, June 2006

Whispers of Spirit Publication, Stretch, Risk, or Die, December 2005

Whispers of Spirit Publication, The Art of Letting Go, December 2004

Essential Wellness Publication, Compassion Emerges from Connections of the Heart, November 2004


Michele Bergh is a teacher, a student and a lover of life.  She is an artist with mad techie skills who offers ecourses, ebooks, WordPress solutions and consulting to empower healing artists, who want to create a lifestyle and business around their gifts, to find and express their voice.

Michele has spent many years in Corporate America, working her way into a management position that was customized for her.  She has several certifications in various holistic therapies including Reiki, Clinical Hypnotherapy, The One Command and ThetaHealing.  She has a degree in Interactive Media and Graphic Design and understands the technical side of a business well.  She has been successfully self-employed full-time for almost ten years.  Through her own personal inner work, she has had the courage to leave a well-paying job after 15 years, re-evaluate her marriage after 20 years, and move from her home town of over 35 years to create the life she desires.  She has seen, first-hand, what can happen when you decide you want more out of life and are willing to do the work.

Michele uses her eclectic experience, talents and training to assist others who aspire to greater expression, self-fulfillment and passion in their personal and professional lives. Offering a fusion of business mentoring, branding, web design, web development and intuition, Michele provides creative entrepreneurs with a unique selection of services and courses. Blending these services as needed, Michele guides her clients in melding their personal and career passions to create meaningful lives.

Her extensive experience as an entrepreneur provides a valuable perspective as she mentors clients on the challenges of starting a business and finding success.