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Abundance Mindset

Finding Ease and Grace through a Prosperity Mindset

On Fridays, my daughter works from home so we are here together and usually get something for lunch. Today I decided to drive over to our favorite Poké restaurant which doesn’t deliver. I was in a hurry because she had a call scheduled which limited our lunchtime. I rarely drive…

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Michele’s Insights

If you are finding yourself in the Insights from Michele category on our blog, I thought I’d take a moment to tell you a little more about what to expect here. There are going to be times where I feel guided to share something but it doesn’t fit well into…

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The Midnight Library and The Book of Regrets

Summer is almost here. For the last few summers, this time comes with a body full of regret. I’ve never called it regret because, in my head, if you make “poor” decisions as an inherently damaged person, they aren’t regrets…they just get added as more proof of just how flawed…

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