It’s My Time to Get it Right

Time to Get it RightI started working with a coach at the end of 2017 specifically to drive some pieces of my business. I do have a coach that I’ve worked with for many years but our format is different.  It’s more focused on life as a whole and drilling down when things pop up, regardless of what area of life they are popping up, and I wanted to continue doing this (I still am) but I also wanted to try working with someone just on business.   I picked the new person because I wanted to work with someone that I felt would really push me.  Someone who would challenge me to think in a different way…from a different perspective.  Someone who’s style was different from my own.

And I got exactly what I wanted.  And more.

Over the next couple of months, I began to step up more.  To be more visible.  To be more comfortable sharing.   I liked that.  That was going great.  While the details aren’t that important, I was also struggling.  Some of the things that were being recommended didn’t fit my goals or my business model and, while I tried to share this, I didn’t feel heard and I ended up having to stop working with this person.

During that process (which I still consider to be quite valuable), I made some changes to my branding based on their recommendations.  My gut told me not to do it.  I ignored my gut.  It wasn’t that I didn’t like some of the recommendations but the overall look and feel just wasn’t quite right.  And I did it anyway.

I appreciate the challenges that were given to me.  I value the opportunity to look at things differently and step outside of my box.

And now it’s my time.  My time to get it right.

Here I am again, redoing my website.  I love some of his recommendations and I’ll be adding back more of me.  I’m excited about this process and know that I’ll land in a space that embraces more of me and communicates better for you.  My takeaway from this process is this…

Never lose yourself or let someone push you in a direction that doesn’t resonate.  After 10+ years of doing this, I feel just as strongly about those I love to work with as I did when I started.  I know what I want to communicate and who I want to communicate it to.  Could I do a better job of that?  Absolutely.  But the message is the same.  I still love what I do.  I am still me.

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