Keeping Up With the Kardashians

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This post is part of the month-long Inspired Blog Challenge, run once a quarter. 

No, not really…I’d rather not keep up with them but I would like to do my own thing and have it work for me.

Sometimes, we have these great intentions and we write and write and write and we join groups and share our blog posts and we’re really doing  it! We’re living the dream, right?

Or maybe it isn’t the dream you had in your mind. Maybe your tired, overwhelmed, a bit frustrated with it all. It isn’t at all the glamorous life you’d imagined living.

But it can be. Even the Kardashians have to put their make up on, right? They have to dress to the 9s, etc. and that’s what makes them a star.  So you do have to do some work and you can balance it all with your life…you really can.

You are a writer.

Yes, you.

A blogger is a writer.

Own it.

Make time for it.

Find a way to do it so you love it.

So your life is the one you dreamed of living.

Here are a few tips:
  • Use the calendar like the Editorial Calendar I talked about in Day 3 to plan your posts.
  • Get those ideas down. I have a running group of about 300 posts that are in draft form. I just start a new post with just enough to hopefully remember what I was thinking and then save it as a draft. You never know when one of these will inspire you.
  • Use the other tips that will come throughout this challenge to keep your well full of inspiration and your keyboard filled with words.
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