Local is Better or Is It?


I recently lost a client that I loved. We’d worked together for years and I thought we had a really good relationship. We parted on good terms…her reason for leaving…she really wanted to work with someone local. She wanted someone she could meet with in person and she’d met someone she thought would be a great fit.

While I can understand that many people work better this way, sometimes it’s a good idea to consider what you are giving up as well as what message you may be sending to the Universe.

You see, I work with clients all over the world. At last count, somewhere around half the states in the US and seven countries. I know first hand it isn’t necessary to be in the same location to work well together. Local isn’t always better and you may never even realize what you’ve lost…what you’ve lost to gain one thing…a local person. More important than their location, do they know their design? Do they understand your needs? Will your site get the same or better care than it’s received so far? Only you can answer these questions and they are questions that need to be asked. Local is not better. Other factors are much more important.

I’m also a big believer in energy and being mindful of the messages we send to the Universe. Many of my clients have sites as way to communicate with people all over the world. They are artists and healers and coaches who know they can serve people and connect with people regardless of their physical location. If you decides to “go local” and that is the only real benefit, you are sending a message to the Universe that local is better and you don’t need or want to connect with people all over the world. That local matters to you.  Is that the message you want to send?

There are always many things to consider when making any decision in your life…not just with web design.  Have you looked at the big picture?

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