9 Great Marketing Tips

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Since I’m feeling a bit in the marketing mode with the release of my new membership program (yay me!!), I thought it would be fun to share a few marketing ideas with you so we can all benefit from them!  Some will be good reminders and others may be ones you hadn’t thought of before.  Enjoy!

  1. Use Social Media – Share (and ask others to share) on social media.  Just remember to have a nice balance of un-marketing related items like sharing someone’s posts or sharing a great tip or trick and throw in some personal content once in a while too  – let them know you are a real person with a full life.
  2. Be Unique -Show how you are different from the others. In these busy times, you have to stand out above the noise to get noticed.
  3. Use Testimonials – Let others know you are loved.  Don’t have any?  Ask.  Often, that’s all someone needs is to be asked.
  4. Focus on Benefits – How will your product or service benefit someone?  People want to know how you will make their life better.
  5. Use Catchy Headlines – Does your headline stand out?  Think about how catchy the headlines are on the magazines at the checkout.  Sometimes they are just begging us to pick them up.  Do your headlines do this for you?
  6. Mailing List is a Must Have – You must have a mailing list and always want to be driving people to join that list.  If Facebook disappears, what will you do to market?   Do you have a nice gift to give people for signing up?
  7. Don’t Forget About the Locals (or the Internet) – If you have an internet-based business, that doesn’t mean local people won’t want to be a part of it.  Find networking opportunities that feed your soul locally.  You never know what will come out of them.  AND don’t forget about the internet if you have a local-based business.  Many products and services can convert to online sales – think big.
  8. Offer an Affiliate Program – Encourage those who love you to be a part of your team.  It becomes a WIN-WIN for everyone.
  9. Always Include a Call To Action – What do you want them to do? Be sure to let them know.
  10. ?? I’d love to hear your favorite techniques below!
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