Michele’s Insights

If you are finding yourself in the Insights from Michele category on our blog, I thought I’d take a moment to tell you a little more about what to expect here.

There are going to be times where I feel guided to share something but it doesn’t fit well into our neatly arranged categories already here. I needed a space to “dump” my thoughts if you will. My goal is to share things I think will be helpful and may or may not be business related. These could be aha moments I’ve had, books I’ve read, art I’ve created, inspirational content…maybe even a recipe or two.

You may find yourself scratching your head and wondering why I’d share some of these items here on a blog primarily focused on business and the reason is quite simple. For most of my clients, the type of work we are doing blends into our daily lives. Some of us may try to keep it separate but that doesn’t always work. I find when I connect with something that gets me excited, causes me to think deep thoughts, or go down a rabbit hole of exploration it benefits my business. I’m inspired. It doesn’t matter to my head or my heart that it seems unrelated to business. Because of it, I’m going to show up more fully in my business as well. I’m going to attract clients who are a good fit and I’ll be in a better place to serve others.

I’m living my best life and it shows.