Can You Actually Make Money Blogging?

Make money blogging

Yes, you can.  But there are cold, hard truths you must consider when exploring this career choice and here are just a few:

  • It doesn’t happen overnight.  It takes a lot of time and you may not make any money for several months and maybe even years.
  • You have to look at how much time you are spending.  If you blog part time, you will get part time results.  You may be lucky enough to build something different down the road but it requires effort and time in the beginning.
  • You have to spend it to make it.  Your website will cost money.  Sure you can do it yourself and if you don’t mind trying to cram years of education and experience into a very small window to get the best design/development possible, you may be able to accomplish what someone else can accomplish for you at a reasonable price.  Consider contracting this piece out.
  • Be willing to take risks and experiment.  Try different things.  Track your results.  Look at what works and what doesn’t.  Keep doing more of what gets you the best results.
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