Must Read Books for Entrepreneurial Success by Jack Canfield

Must Read Books for Entrepreneurial SuccessSome of you may know I spent a day with Jack Canfield about a week ago.  I’ve been following Jack for about 15 years now and really feel he’s got the right idea when it comes to entrepreneurial success.  Here are three of his books I consider must reads:

The Success Principles

This book includes timeless principles for success and many of them will help you not only in your business life but also in your personal life.  The book has been updated to include principles focused on the digital age we now live in.  This book is a  very easy read and one you will keep around for many years to come.

Success Affirmations

This 52-week book is the perfect patch for The Success Principles.  It features 52 of the success principles and includes a few affirmations for each one.  I love having options to choose from so I can work with one that really resonates with me.

The Power of Focus

This book really gets to the heart of setting goals and achieving those goals through your ability to focus.  This book includes a workbook, tons of insight, and a questionnaire to help you focus and follow through.

While I think Jack Canfield and all of his books are great.  These are the three I think can really propel you forward in your business and your life.  I can’t recommend them enough!

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