Color Palette Generator

How to Use

This random color palette generator, is designed to help you effortlessly create a stunning color palette for your next project. Our advanced color generator allows you to select your desired hue and instantly generates the corresponding hex code, RGB code, as well as tints and shades of that color. In addition, it provides you with an array of great options, including triadic colors, analogous colors, split complement colors, and complements colors. Finding your perfect color palette has never been so easy.

  • Select a main color to begin and let the generator do it's thing.

  • Select the color combination that suits your brand best.

  • Select a very light shade of the main color for use as a light background.

  • Select a very dark shade (2-3 shades away from the darkest version) of the main color for use for text.

Your Color:

Outer box: Your selected color. Inner box: Actual color of closest match.

Your Color

Triadic Colors

Analogous Colors

Split complements Colors

Complements Colors