Productivity Challenge Week Two

In our first week’s post we shared a series of productivity tips and recommended selecting one from the list you aren’t currently doing to get started. How did you do? Did you stick with just one? I thought there were a few on there that could work nicely together. I chose to spruce up my workspace (it was looking a little messy and uninspiring) and finesse my delegating.

I currently have three regular Virtual Assistants and two who work as needed for special projects. The first two regular VAs have pretty standard projects they do on an ongoing basis but the third, we are still working on what her role will be exactly. She’s great at a lot of things (as are the others) but I also work hard to find the tasks I need done that she will enjoy the most and do the best with so it’s a work in progress. I can’t recommend enough getting help when you need it to find the freedom you crave (and deserve) in your life.

For week two, I’m going to recommend selecting one thing from the list below to add to your routine and see how it goes. This is in addition to what you chose last week. Let’s keep the momentum going.

  • Prepare a To-Do List Each Night
  • Cut down your to-do list (are there things you can eliminate that you aren’t really invested in and don’t need to be done?) or break down your to-do list (are there things that are just too overwhelming so they don’t tend to get done that you can break down into smaller pieces that feel more manageable?)
  • Plan phone calls
  • Break up work periods with exercise
  • Get enough sleep
  • Streamline your space
  • Turn off email notifications (heck, go through the list and turn off as many as you can that aren’t necessary)
  • Take short breaks (try the Pomodoro method)

Good luck!

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