SEO and Beaver Builder Page Builder

Page Builders and SEOSometimes people have a hard time with search engine optimization when working with a page builder.  While there may be page builders out there for WordPress that don’t work well with search engine optimization techniques, Beaver Builder is thankfully not one of them.  There are a few tricks that are helpful since a page builder processes information on a page differently but it is completely workable.  While there are a few great SEO (search engine optimization) plugins, we recommend Yoast.

Beaver Builder AdHere are a few key tips to making sure you are creating a page which can be fully optimized within your page builder:

  1.  Make sure you are using a great theme.  We recommend Beaver Theme or Genesis Framework with a theme from StudioPress or with Dynamik.  We feel Genesis with Dynamik is great and is also geared more towards developers whereas Beaver Theme is great for just about anyone and still provides a lot of customizations.  Other themes available through StudioPress are also great but typically have less customization available.
  2. Select a quality SEO plugin to add your SEO content to.  Keep in mind Genesis does, by default, adds some SEO fields right to your content pages, it isn’t as thorough as an SEO plugin in terms of tools it provides.  Some common ones are Yoast and All in One SEO.
  3. Avoid nesting rows and columns as much as possible.
  4. Start each page with an H1 tag and then add H2 and H3 tags within your content.
  5. Include keywords in the title and alt text for images.
  6. Learn as much as you can about SEO and how it works in the big picture.
  7. Take an organic approach to SEO.  It’s definitely a marathon and not a sprint.

Lastly, I always like to remind people you’ll have the best results from whatever you are able to do consistently.  Sometimes this means you have to let things go.  Be clear about some of the basics and their value (like the tips above) and focus on those first.  Add in other pieces as you master these and have time to do more.  Don’t take on too much at once… it will likely backfire.  And do your best to enjoy the process or consider hiring someone to do it for you.

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