Shortening Your URL for Sharing Your Blog Posts

GDPR ReadyLet’s talk about cutting that URL down in size.

When sharing a blog post, sometimes that URL gets a little clunky and long and doesn’t look the best.  URL shorteners have been around for quite a while now but did you know you can create them from right inside your website?

If you are worried using a shortened link will negatively impact your SEO (Search Engine Optimization), don’t.  It’s simply a mask but doesn’t change the actual URL and has no impact on SEO.

There are a number of plugins out there that help with this and I’m going to share a few.  These will fall into two different categories.  Using your main URL to shorten the link or using a 3rd party service to create the shortened version.

If you are using a 3rd party service, you will likely need to set up an account with them and connect your website to your account.  This gives you access to any of the other services (i.e. tracking) they offer but allows you to stay within your website, moving forward, for ease and speed.  I recommend using a 3rd party service for the access to their other services and, in most cases, the shortened URL is much shorter than it would be using your own domain name in the shortened version. for WordPress

This plugin connects you to their system which has a focus on helping to monetizing blogs.

ClickMeter for WordPress


This is a full-featured plugin that boasts a variety of URL shorteners including using your own domain and very thorough analytics.

Google Shortener for WordPress

Google Shortlink by BestWebSoft

The Google name is widely known and trusted.  It also uses their own monitoring platform to identify how many clicks your links are getting.

iOli Shortener for WordPress

iOli URL Shortener

This is an easy-to-use and straightforward URL shortening plugin.

Short URL for WordPress

Short URL

This shortener works within your site and uses your domain name.  Depending on your domain, it may not provide much of a shortened look but does maintain your visible branding in your links which is nice.

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