Supercharge Your Email List

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Are you tired of sending emails to an un-engaged list? Do you want to make the most of your email marketing efforts? We’ve identified some core strategies to help you create emails/newsletters that capture the attention of your readers. Let’s do this!

Take some time to go through these options for leveling up your emails/newsletters and create a list of priorities for the structure of your emails/newsletters. Notice which questions strongly apply to you and which ones you can choose to ignore as they aren’t important for your business.

You’ll find some of these easy to complete and some require more effort. I recommend focusing on the easy-to-implement ones to get you started.

Ask yourself…

1. How can you “warm-up” new subscribers so they know, like, and trust you?

2. What personal or customer stories can you share with new readers to give them a deeper understanding of who you are and what matters to you?

3. What free resources, training, or videos can you share with your new subscribers?

4. What delivery options can you offer your readers?

❏ Daily?
❏ Weekly?
❏ Monthly?
❏ Every blog post?
❏ Summary of resources in the last month?

5. How can you ensure that every email you send is relevant?

6. How will you capture the location of subscribers?

7. Make a list of any live events you’ll be present at or are hosting and send that to your subscribers.

❏ Date to send out an email: _____________

8. What holidays/events are specific to particular subscribers? What resources can you give that particular segment related to those holidays and events?

9. How can you ensure that you’re not sending emails to those who don’t want them?

10. Do you need to remove subscribers due to inactivity? How will you determine which
ones to remove?

❏ Open rates?
❏ Inactivity?
❏ Clicks?
❏ A survey of readers to determine if they want to be on your list?

11. Create several lead magnets to give away to potential subscribers. How will you segment your list based on these lead magnets?

12. How will you capture email addresses from abandoned forms? How will you convince them to fill out the rest of the form?

13. How will you capture email addresses from abandoned shopping carts? What emails will you send to encourage them to complete their purchase?

❏ Simple reminder?
❏ Discount?
❏ Bonus?
❏ Scarcity?

14. Create a segment of abandoned cart email addresses and then upload that to Facebook for advertising purposes.

❏ Date to complete: _______

15. Why do you think that someone didn’t purchase from you? What valuable free resources can you send them to warm them up to you and eventually get them to purchase?

16. Have you surveyed those who didn’t purchase to ask them why?

❏ Yes
❏ No – Date to send out the survey: _______

17. How will you ensure that each subscriber on your email list gets seven “touches” with your brand?

18. Have you segmented buyers from non-buyers to ensure that you’re not sending them the same thing?

❏ Yes
❏ No – Date to complete: _________

19. How can you use segmentation to upsell or cross-sell your subscribers on different products?

20. Have you created a segment that excludes buyers from your advertisements so that you’re not wasting advertising dollars?

21. What types of emails will you use to continue to nurture your relationships with your buyers?

❏ Personalized videos?
❏ Guides to getting started with your products?
❏ Tips and tricks to make the most out of your product?
❏ “How it’s made” videos or stories?
❏ Encouragements to use your products?
❏ Invitations to exclusive online groups?

22. Have you segmented your subscribers by what they’ve purchased from you? What is your strategy to send different offers to each segment related to what they’ve already purchased?

23. Do you have subscribers who purchase from you on a regular basis? How will you reward those subscribers and make them feel valued?

❏ Special downloads?
❏ Early access to products?
❏ 1-on-1 access to you?
❏ Entry into exclusive online groups ( such as Facebook groups)?

24. Can you promote specific products or services related to specific times of the year or seasonal events? How?

25. Your cold email subscribers need to be “warmed up” to you. What valuable, educational materials can you send them?

❏ Info about what your product or service actually does?
❏ Frequently asked questions about your product or service?
❏ Tips, tricks, and hacks that will help demonstrate your expertise?

26. Your warm subscribers need more education about their pain points. How can you educate them further about their pains and your solution?

❏ An invitation to watch a webinar or video?
❏ Case studies?
❏ In-depth stories?
❏ Whitepapers?
❏ Long-form educational blog posts?

27. Hot subscribers are ready to buy from you right now. What offers will you give them to get them to buy right now?

❏ A call-to-action to purchase from you?
❏ A request to hop on a sales call?
❏ An invitation to watch a video where you invite them to purchase at the end?
❏ A limited-time offer that will expire after a short time?

28. How will you capture the age of your subscribers? What relevant emails can you send to each age group?

29. How will you capture the gender of your subscribers? What emails can you send that are relevant to each gender?

30. Do you have a method for capturing the role-specific subscribers hold in their company? What sorts of emails are relevant to their role in their company?

31. Do you specialize in working with a particular type of organization? Can you segment your list by organization type? Are there specific products or services that you can promote to specific organizations?

32. What do the clicks of your readers reveal about their behavior? How can you segment your list based on those clicks? Can you send them emails that are specifically related to what they’ve already clicked on?

33. Have you surveyed your readers to determine how satisfied they are with your business? What can you do to improve relationships with dissatisfied customers and deepen relationships with satisfied customers?

34. Do you have a referral system in place? Can you segment your list by those who refer the most customers and then reward them appropriately?

35. Are you speaking at or hosting any live events? How can you segment your list so that only people who live relatively close to those events will receive emails about them?