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A woman effortlessly blogging on her laptop, seated comfortably in front of a window.

Top Tips for Blogging with Ease

Blogging takes time and energy but there are a few things you can do to make it easier.  Having a plan, creating as much evergreen content as possible, and create images with a Canva template can all ease the process.  Check out our latest video on YouTube. Want to Pin…

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A little girl is absolutely absorbed while reading a book.

How to Write Absolutely Addictive Articles

Copywriting can be really hard for most of us.  I frequently have clients ask me to help them with their copy but it’s not something I feel really comfortable doing because I’m not an expert.  I understand the basics and feel okay giving some suggestions but that’s about it.  I…

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A desk with two monitors, a keyboard and a cup of coffee, perfect for achieving blogging goals.

Blogging Goals and Why They Matter

If you are serious about blogging, having goals for your blog are really important. They keep you on track and focused on what truly matters…your goals and desires run the show. For example, if you want to make some money from your blog, ideally deciding this up front will serve…

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A woman's hands make a heart shape with the sun behind them, spreading great positivity and love.

Connect with Your Readers

Whether you respond to all your comments or not, it’s nice to let your readers know you appreciate them. Consider setting a schedule…maybe once a week, once a month…whatever works best for you (and maybe

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A perfectionistic man with a pair of scissors.

Is Perfectionism Killing Your Blog?

It takes time to feel comfortable blogging and it takes time to understand all the ins and outs.  One of the most important pieces of blogging is to actually blog.  Are you holding back because someone said your site design wasn’t good?  Or someone said your SEO needed work?  Or…

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A red background with the SEO keywords "be yourself" written on it.

Be Yourself

The best part of blogging (in my humble opinion) is the opportunity to be yourself.  You can allow your personality to shine through your writing. Who are you? Some of us start out knowing exactly who we are and what we want to write about.  Others evolve over time (most…

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