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A website designer working with a blue button.

5 Tips For Working With A Website Designer

Finding the right web designer can be an overwhelming process. How do you know who would be the right fit?  What should you look for?  What is your role in the process?  Here are a few tips to get you started. Be Prepared. You will have work to do to…

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A virtual assistant's checklist with tasks.

Top 8 Types of Tasks a Virtual Assistant Can Do For You

If you’re debating whether to outsource to a virtual assistant you might want to check out these tasks they can help you with. A virtual assistant works like an in-office assistant. They can help with administrative tasks, customer service, and more from a remote location. They can help your business…

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A woman acting as a virtual assistant sitting at a desk, jotting down notes in a notebook for hire.

3 Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant

You might not realize it, but there are many reasons to hire a virtual assistant. They’re a great help in managing your business. You love what you do, but having a business can mean less of what you love and more daily tasks. A virtual assistant is can fix that.…

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An entrepreneur writing in a notebook with a pen, overwhelmed.

3 Lists to Freedom by Chris Drucker

What is the 3 Lists to Freedom Concept? Time is your most valuable resource, and if you want to spend more time doing the work that you love you have to learn how to delegate. Chris Drucker has an effective method for this called the 3 Lists to Freedom. Good…

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Enhanced local SEO for pins on a map of Australia.

Local is Better or Is It?

I recently lost a client that I loved. We’d worked together for years and I thought we had a really good relationship. We parted on good terms…her reason for leaving…she really wanted to work with someone local. She wanted someone she could meet with in person and she’d met someone…

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Two women discussing WordPress development techniques at a table in an office.

Top 7 Reasons You Want to Work with a Wordpress Coach

WordPress is the top open source website creation tool. It’s one of the most powerful and easy to use content management systems (CMS). But for many people, there’s still a learning curve. This is why you work with a WordPress coach! Why use WordPress? It’s really simple! It’s free! Free…

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