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An open book, labeled as a must-read copywriting book, on a table in front of bookshelves overflowing with literary treasures.

10 Must-read Copywriting Book

Copywriting Secrets by Jim Edwards I love how Jim talks about copywriting and his philosophy of “Putting The Right Words On Paper And Online Is The Single Most Profitable Skill Everyone Can Learn.“ Copywriter’s Handbook by Robert Bly This book will give you dozens of copywriting techniques and is a…

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Elevators in a building decorated with captivating pictures on the wall, providing an impressive visual experience.

Does Your Blog Have an Elevator Pitch?

If you were to tell someone what you blog about, would you be able to articulate this clearly? It doesn’t have to be something fancy….just clear and easy to understand. You can even have fun with it if you want. There are lots of things you can call this besides…

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A group of colorful social media icons on a white background, highlighting the biggest mistake of embracing distractions.

Biggest Mistake – Distractions

What is one of the biggest mistake you could make with your blog?  Having distractions on your website. Ask yourself this question: What do I want my visitors to do when they come to my site and how is that connected to how I make a living? What is it…

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A captivating visual of a megaphone and a dollar sign being held by two hands, creating a powerful call to action.

Call to Action: What is Yours?

Do your blog posts have a specific call to action or CTA? We all know what assuming does, right? The same applies to your blog. Look at it as someone landing on the page and having no idea what to do. What do you want them to do? Do you…

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A woman typing on a vintage typewriter with a cup of coffee, blogging about her thoughts and musings.

What Does Your Blog Say About You?

All websites/blogs need an about page.  While this can include information about the site itself, most importantly, it’s shares about you…it lets your visitors know more about you. You want your about page to really share the essence of who you are, in a personal and engaging way.  Over at…

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Why is it Important to Produce Scannable Website Content?

Most web users don’t read every word on a website. They want to get as much information as possible from their sites in the minimum possible time. This has led to most people scanning websites for important information, and has marked a change in how the most effective websites are…

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