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A person engaging in branding, writing on a piece of paper with the word 'beyond'.

What is Branding?

Branding refers to the process of assigning a name, logo, or design to a company that makes it recognizable and gives it its own unique identity. It is through branding that you identify a company or a product and distinguish it from its competitors. Branding not only gives an identity…

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Discover the strengths of a brain with biceps and triceps in this black and white image.

Now, Discover Your Strengths

If you are familiar with this book, you will love the new assessment tool that provides a new twist to the concept of operating from your strengths.  I took this quiz, which took about 20 minutes and loved the information it provided.  It wasn’t necessarily news to me but definitely…

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A silhouette of a man playing with a magnifying glass, embodying the essence of a brand detective.

Playing Brand Detective

I came across this great, easy-to-read article about brands you can trust on the Personal Branding Blog website.  Here is an important note before I begin.  Whether you have spent time creating/developing a brand for your business, you have a brand.  It may or may not be a good one,…

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A light bulb is being plugged into a wall outlet to target market.

What Is A Target Market?

A target market should feel like a tight belt but not so tight you can’t breathe.  When I started my rebranding process in January, it was suddenly clear to me that I really enjoyed working with creative professionals.   I love being creative myself and see how much it connects me…

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A coca cola bottle sitting on the sandy beach.

How 50 Top Companies Got Their Names

This is a fun article I thought you might be interested in.  Since I love branding, how people come up with business names is always fascinating to me and these were very interesting.  My favorite is probably Lego, which means “play well”.  Most confusing one to me is probably Pepsi,…

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A baseball is sitting on top of a dirt mound near third base.

Are You Getting to Third Base?

I’ve had the pleasure of attending several great presentations lately.  Overall, there were outstanding speakers for all of them and there was something else deeper…lurking…that I couldn’t ignore. Two in particular stood out. Both of these presenters were awesome at presenting.  They were dynamic speakers, did everything incredibly well throughout…

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