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An unused image of a brown pencil with a gold tip on a website.

Delete Unused Images from Your Website with Ease

When you are blogging as long as I have been, it’s impossible to avoid ending up with images you are not using on your site. Sometimes they are loaded up with the intention of using them but you never do. Sometimes they are used in a blog or on a…

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A snail is walking on the road, oblivious to the unused images on my website.

The Perils of a Slow Website

Having a slow website really sucks.  There’s no other way to say it.  It just sucks. Unfortunately, there are many issues that can cause a slow website and narrowing it down can be a pain in the you-know-what.  There are great tools out there such as Pingdom and GT Metrix…

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Reporting Tools Like Google PageSpeed, GT Metrix and Pingdom Are Worthless

Over the years, I have had clients come to me after testing out their sites using a tool like Google PageSpeed, GT Metrix, or Pingdom and wonder why their scores are so low and they want it “fixed”.  In most cases, this can be costly because it requires a lot…

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