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A woman experiencing motion sickness in a car with smoke coming out of her eyes, emphasizing the need for websites to be less overwhelming.

Motion Sickness: Why Your Website Needs to Chill Out

I often get requests from clients around adding text that moves, videos at the top of the Home page, etc.There’s been a lot of research into how people REALLY use web pages, and some of the key findings include: Several studies have been conducted to understand how people interact with…

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A close up of a majestic blue heron with a long beak, evoking a sense of wonder.

13 Ways to Cultivate Your Sense of Wonder

One of the things I learned from my coach shortly after becoming self-employed was that I had to make sure I wasn’t in survival mode because it’s almost impossible to create in that space. This was important information for me because I was feeling like a pretty big failure at…

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A typewriter with a great blog post written on it.

How to Write a Great Blog Post

Every digital marketer knows they need to be able to write a great blog post. Content—and lots of it—is the pillar that supports your business. It’s what drives your business. As a marketer, you also understand the need to communicate effectively with your target audience. To captivate them with a…

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A man in a suit holding a phone displaying U.S. State Privacy Bills Tracking.

U.S. State Privacy Bills Tracking

Privacy laws are not going away and will continue to get more strict as time goes on. Making sure your policies are up-to-date should be a top priority in your business. Canada, for example, has a bill under consideration where someone will be able to sue a business for simply…

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A young woman in a yellow shirt with her hands in the air, expressing a joyful wish.

I Wish…

I Wish… Sometimes I’m not feeling inspired to write. I’m guessing most of us feel that way ocassionally. I find myself thinking, if I had a magic wand…what would I use it for? My usual response is…to get some help. And that’s my hot tip for you today…get some help.…

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A red and white alarm clock, set aside on a table to remind you to allocate time for your activities.

Set Aside Time

Life has a way of getting in the way. That’s just how life is. If your blog is important to you, be sure to dedicate time for all it takes. Mark it on your calendar. What kind of a schedule feels comfortable for you to stick to?  How frequently might…

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