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A Microsoft 365 for Business cell phone with an envelope on the screen.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Microsoft 365 For Your Business Email

We’ve known and learned to love web server based email since it was introduced. It was once the essential tool to build a productive organization, but now Microsoft came up with a new set of tools that will not only be helping your business be organized but will also provide…

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A woman's hand is touching an email icon in G Suite for Business.

Why G Suite is a Great Solution for Business Email

Whether you’re a small business owner or on the financial team of a large corporation, you realize that finding the best resources can be critical. Note I didn’t say the cheapest. When you find a resource that proves to be excellent and moderately priced, you probably don’t care that it…

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An SSL certificate padlock displayed on a computer screen.

Is Your Site Secure? Why You Need an SSL Certificate

Owning a website is so common now that almost everyone has his or her own website or is an administrator on a website of some kind. Web hosting companies offer a plethora of options to choose from, which makes web development easier than ever before. Choosing formats, designs, navigations, etc.…

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A young Asian woman creating a stop sign on a black background, while avoiding the use of disallowed plugins.

Disallowed Plugins & Themes

These are plugins, themes and scripts know to be problematic or unnecessary due to other resources available through our system. Use of these will void repairing any fatal errors at no charge for those on our maintenance plan. Plugins Adminer Asynchronous Google Analytics for WP Backup Guard Backup Scheduler BackUpWordpress…

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An abandoned chair sits in an empty hallway with a light shining on it.

Known Themes & Plugins That Are No Longer Being Maintained and/or Considered Abandoned by WordPress

Please note:  This list is not meant to be all inclusive but rather focused on themes and plugins our clients may be using. Themes Possibly Abandoned or Developers Have Announced They Are No Longer Developing Forever Prose Isis Canvas Plugins Possibly Abandoned or Developers Have Announced They Are No Longer…

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