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A smartphone displaying the Pinterest logo, serving as an example of effective marketing in 2022.

Using Pinterest for Marketing in 2022

Are you looking for ways to drive traffic to your website and have either great tips or visually pleasing aspects to your business, Pinterest may be the perfect addition to your marketing plan. If you’ve been using Pinterest but not getting the results you desire, give these strategies a try.…

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A woman successfully creating a newsletter, holding up a tablet with the word newsletter on it.


Follow these tips for developing, marketing and maintaining a successful email newsletter. 1. Set goals to reach a specific number of subscribers for the first month, year, etc.2. Choose a niche whose needs you are prepared to meet.3. Swap lists with others who teach on similar subjects only with permission.4.…

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A close up image of lemon slices, great for Copyblogger.

20 Tips for Increasing Your Website Visibility

These are 20 tips to increase your blog’s visibility. Keep it simple.  Focus on the facts and a few eye catching elements. Always think of your visitors when building your site. Create solid Meta Tags and limit how much you repeat words in your Keyword Meta Tag. Use important keywords…

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A Keywords: businesswoman conducts SEO analysis on a gray background.

4 Great Tips to Increase Traffic

Here are some more great tips for increasing traffic to your blog… Update frequently.  We’ve talked about the stats and how bloggers who blog 20x or more a month get 5x the amount of traffic as someone who blogs less than that.  It’s important to realize that the amount of…

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The hootsuite logo prominently displayed on a laptop screen, symbolizing its role in social media management.

Promote Your Blog Posts via Social Media Weekly

No point in writing a great post, or any post at all for that matter, unless people know it’s there.  The easiest way to promote your blog is through social media.  Pin it, share it, tweet it!  Just get it out there.  Use your own social share buttons to do…

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A businessman writing the word marketing at work.

Does the Same Old Marketing Work?

I have unsubscribed from just about all the newsletters I have ever received.  It’s not that I didn’t enjoy any of them but the majority of them were focused on selling and, while I would never say that’s the purpose of a newsletter (it’s to educate and provide value –…

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