The Dreaded Deadline

Deadlines…Sometimes loved and sometimes hated but necessary none-the-less. They keep us on track and also keep everyone on the same page.

Not too long ago, I had someone impose a deadline on me that I could not meet. I wasn’t expecting it, got very little notice and it wasn’t around the time we originally agreed on. I shared with this person that I could not meet the deadline and that I’d understood a completely different deadline to be in place.

She agreed that the date to go live was the same as what I had down and I shared that, as long as I had everything I needed at least two weeks prior to that date, we’d be fine.  After the “go live” deadline had passed, I still did not have everything I needed to complete the project.  Some emails I sent took a few days and up to a week to respond to, leaving me hanging in the meantime.

She was upset that her deadline wasn’t met and I can understand that AND it’s important for site owners to realize that we need to have the content and we need responses quickly to continue working in the flow.  If we have to wait several days for a response, it can really put a damper on the project timeline.

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