Ensure Your Emails Reach Their Destination

Navigate the New Challenges in Email Communication with Expert Solutions

When your emails aren't received, you may experience...
  • Impaired Marketing Efforts
  • Reduced Sales and Leads
  • Inefficient Customer Service
  • Missed Opportunities
  • Compliance Issues
  • Damaged Brand Perception

And a whole lot of frustration!

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What if you could avoid all of that? That's where Bergh Consulting comes in!

When you use a professional service to manage your email deliverability, the potential benefits are significant and can positively impact various aspects of your business.  These include...

Improved Deliverability Rates.Your emails arrive and land in the recipients' inbox.

Enhanced Email Reputation, Maintaining a good sender reputation by following best practices.

Reduced Bounce Rates. Lowering the number of emails that fail to reach their destination due to various issues.

Compliance with Email Regulations.  Following requirements such as GDPR, CAN-SPAM Act, etc.

Time and Resource Efficiency.  Save time and resources dealing with email issues.



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Ensuring your emails are validated for general deliverability.

Service includes:

  • Set up of your domain's DMARC records.
  • Monitoring for 30 days to ensure that third-party services are authorized and aligned correctly to send emails on your behalf.
  • Adjusting the DMARC policy to reject unauthorized emails.

One-Time Fee:  $97/domain

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Website Email Deliverability

Ensuring the emails sent from your website are delivered.

Service includes:

  • Connecting a transactional email service.
  • Up to 250 emails sent per month from your website.

Annual Fee:  $37/year/domain

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Third-Party Service

Ensuring your emails from CRMs, email marketing services, etc. are delivered.

Service includes:

  • Connecting your third-party service, per their requirements, with your domain.
  • Authenticating the connection.
  • Connecting up to 3 third-party services.

One-Time Fee:  $37/domain

Kind Words

Michele handled all the details I needed for making sure my emails get where they need to go. It's so nice not having to worry about this on my own.

Olivia S.

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