The Social Media Sweet Spot

Social media strategy for those who HATE social media:
Get a social media plan that works for YOU, not the other way around.

Ditch the Social Media Overwhelm Today and Get Back to Focusing on What you Love

Do you find social media:

  • Filled with time-consuming tasks,
  • Costly trial and error,
  • Ineffective, and bring you straight into
  • Overwhelm and frustration?
A smiling woman finding the sweet spot of productivity as she uses a laptop in a cafe, engaging with social media.
A woman is engrossed in her phone, immersed in the social media sweet spot while seated at a cafe.
What if there was another way?
That's where Bergh Consulting comes in!

The VIP Experience is a curated opportunity for you to get your social media set up and manageable in a way that works for YOU.  It's structured to find YOUR sweet spot.

The Benefits

A website offering the VIP Experience for networking through virtual handshakes.


A blue logo with a gear wheel on it representing the website's VIP experience.


A circle of blue coins featured on The VIP Experience website.

Quicker return on investment

An illustration of a blue clock on a website with a watercolor background.

Reduced procrastination

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Better decision-making

Kind Words

Michele came up with a plan for me that made me feel like social media didn't have to hurt.  I really don't enjoy social media but this made it feel like it was something I could do.  Having her on my team is such a blessing.

Mary T.

What's Included

  • Personalized strategy geared towards finding your sweet spot.
  • 24 custom templates for use on social media.
  • 100 posts created for you based on your industry and marketing needs. This includes content creation.
  • Posts scheduled out for you using your scheduler.


That's less than $13/post PLUS you're getting strategy, custom templates, content creation, post creation, and scheduling done for you!

A woman is using her cell phone in a park to browse social media and find the sweet spot.

About Michele

Michele Bergh, founder of Bergh Consulting, has been a go-to source for website design and development as well as supporting clients in building a complete digital foundation since 2007. With a background in parks and recreation, Michele discovered her passion for teaching, strategizing, and marketing, which led her on an entrepreneurial journey to support others in creating joy-filled lives on their own terms. Additionally, she has a degree in Interactive Media and Graphic Design and continues to make learning a top priority while working in a field that changes every day.

Having built over 700 websites for clients worldwide, Michele excels in simplifying processes and supporting her clients with customized solutions to help them thrive in their unique online presence.

When she's not working on her client's projects, Michele enjoys connecting with locals during her travels, immersing herself in 70s music, spending time with her family, and exploring the world of creativity.

Let Michele and her team at Bergh Consulting remove the stress of creating an online presence so you can focus on what you love.

A woman with gray hair smiling for the camera in her home.

4 Simple Steps to Finding
Your Social Media Sweet Spot

  • Step One

    Schedule a Free Discovery Call

  • Step Two

    A customized strategic plan will be created for you.

  • Step Three

    We'll get everything scheduled and moving along for you.

  • Step Four

    You can sit back and spend your time focusing on engaging with your audience and doing what you love.

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