The VIP Experience for Your Website

Elevate your Online Presence Quickly:
Get your website in just one day for service providers and creatives!

It Can Be Overwhelming to get Your Website Up and Running with Well-written content and Great Design!

Are you tired of not being able to get your website off the ground?

Are you needing a refresh of your outdated site?

Do you have an upcoming launch so you need a website up quickly?

Have you lacked the resources to get it done at all or done really well?

Are you uncomfortable sharing your site because of how it currently looks?

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Working within a traditional process for building your website can:

  • Become overly complicated
  • Take longer than expected
  • Increase the risk of miscommunication
  • Lead to general overwhelm and frustration
But what if there was another way?
That's where Bergh Consulting comes in!

The VIP Experience is a curated opportunity for you to get your project done quickly AND done well.  It's structured 100% for your success.

The Benefits

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Expert guidance

A VIP day provides the opportunity to work closely with professionals, giving you access to expert advice, insights, and best practices that will ultimately enhance your website's effectiveness.

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Streamlined process

A dedicated day for website creation ensures a smooth, streamlined process with minimal disruptions, resulting in a more efficient use of time and resources.

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Quicker return on investment

Launching your website sooner means you can start generating leads, sales, and revenue earlier, thereby accelerating your return on investment.

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Reduced procrastination

By scheduling a VIP day, you set a clear deadline for yourself and the web development team, which helps prevent procrastination and encourages prompt action.

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Increased momentum

Starting your online journey with a VIP day creates a sense of momentum and excitement that can carry over to other aspects of your business, motivating you to continue making progress and achieving your goals.

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Better decision-making

When you dedicate a full day to website development, you're more likely to make thoughtful and informed decisions, resulting in a better end product that aligns with your objectives.

Kind Words

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"There are lots of web consultants to choose from but if you want efficiency, quality, creativity, and solutions that work for you, call Michele.  She has an easy way of engaging and she listens!  I needed someone who would take my wild imaginings and fashion an effective and attractive website.  Michele guided me to that place with patient listening, insightful questions, and generous advising...This is exactly what I need as a small startup and I am happy that fortune smiled on me by allowing me to work with Michele."

Paul Allwood

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I hired Michele to help build a new website and she was fabulous! She answered my questions, gave me ideas and best-practices tips that were helpful and shared resources with me that helped my website really stand out. She stayed in the budget I had allotted and was always friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable."

Jackie Flaherty

What's Included

  • Easy-to-Understand Prep-Work
  • 90-Minute Strategy Call
  • VIP Day (6 hours together)
  • Up to 2 hours after our VIP Day, if needed to complete what I'm currently working on
  • Post-Launch Reflective Journal & Action Planner
  • Walk-Thru Video Demo including short how-tos for the basic tasks on your site
  • 14 Days of Post-VIP Day Support via Email


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About Michele

Michele Bergh, founder of Bergh Consulting, has been a go-to source for website design and development as well as supporting clients in building a complete digital foundation since 2007. With a background in parks and recreation, Michele discovered her passion for teaching, strategizing, and marketing, which led her on an entrepreneurial journey to support others in creating joy-filled lives on their own terms. Additionally, she has a degree in Interactive Media and Graphic Design and continues to make learning a top priority while working in a field that changes every day.

Having built over 700 websites for clients worldwide, Michele excels in simplifying processes and supporting her clients with customized solutions to help them thrive in their unique online presence.

When she's not working on her client's projects, Michele enjoys connecting with locals during her travels, immersing herself in 70s music, spending time with her family, and exploring the world of creativity.

Let Michele and her team at Bergh Consulting remove the stress of creating an online presence so you can focus on what you love.

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4 Simple Steps to a Successful VIP Day

  • Step One

    We'll take care of the paperwork and get your VIP Day booked using our online scheduler.

  • Step Two

    We'll get you everything you need to get started on your pre-VIP Day prep work.

  • Step Three

    The VIP Day is here!  We'll connect for about 30 minutes at the start of the day via Zoom and then I'll get to work.

  • Step Four

    You'll have 14 days of email support to make sure you get off to a successful start with your brand new website.

Let's Get Started

Choose a day from our availability calendar.

Please note: if we are in significantly different time zones, we may need to spread the traditional day over two days.


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