Tips for Writing Quality Content

It’s not so much what you write but rather what you say that counts. Quality content that provides the reader with useful information is always appreciated more than paragraph after paragraph without much point to it all.

Of course, this then leads to the question of how to even write quality content in the first place? Well, it’s easier than you think as these tips will show.

  1. Understand Your Audience.

You must fully understand who you plan on targeting with your content. What kind of things would they expect to read in a particular piece? Is there a primary audience as well as a secondary audience that could also be influenced by what you say?

Make sure you have a firm grasp of this and it will make a huge difference to the quality of the content that you then produce.

  1. Consider the Inverted Pyramid Style.

The inverted pyramid style of content writing ties in with the fact that people make up their mind about a piece of content within the first few seconds. They will look at the first few sentences and then decide if they want to continue or go elsewhere.

What we mean by the ‘inverted pyramid’ is that you start off a piece with the most important information of all. This grabs hold of their attention. After the important messages, you move down into the finer details. You then complete the pyramid with the less important details at the end.

  1. Keep Your Sentences Short.

It’s also a good idea to keep your sentences quite short. After all, our attention span isn’t quite what it used to be. Also, try to avoid large paragraphs. All people see is a huge block of text and they will not want to read it.

Short sentences that get to the point work well. Also, avoid using elaborate words as much as possible as simple sentences are also best. Of course, you may have times where certain words or phrases work best, but if you plan on doing it to show off your vocabulary, then forget it.

  1. Avoid the Passive Voice.

Unless the style requires it, you should avoid using the passive voice. It can come across as weak and indecisive at times, and that’s not good. Also, it’s viewed as more engaging when you speak directly to the reader.

As an example, instead of saying something along the lines of ‘it can be done’ you should phrase it as ‘You can do it’ as this is more positive and direct in nature.

  1. Don’t Make Pointless Statements.

The reader doesn’t want to know that you have the best product or service if there’s no additional explanation as to why that’s the case. Instead, you must qualify what you say.

For example, say you work as a plumber. You wouldn’t say that you offer the best service and then move onto something else. Doing so leaves questions in the mind of the reader. Instead, you should explain your experience, qualifications and anything else that proves your point.

  1. Ease Back on the Jargon.

Finally, don’t go too heavy on the jargon unless the piece calls for it. You must make things easy to read and not over-complicate matters by using terms that only a percentage of the readers would then understand.

The only way in which you can turn to jargon is if you previously explained it earlier in the content. Apart from that, avoid it or you leave people with more questions than answers.

Writing quality content is a lot easier than you think. All it takes is for you to spend time thinking about what you want to say and how it should come across to your audience. Keep it simple, straightforward, and full of useful information and your content will reward you in return.

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