Tired of the Crickets on Your Blog?

You pour your heart and soul into creating a blog.  You spend time sharing and sharing and sharing.  Only to feel like no one cares.  Only to feel like no one is listening.

You aren’t alone.  Many people do not realize the work that goes into getting readership on a blog.  This really doesn’t fall into the “if you build it, they will come” category. There are many aspects to creating a blog with traffic, engagement and loyal readers.

This video interview with Derek Halpern of Social Triggers has so many great tips, I just had to share.  Although it’s a longer video, it’s well worth the watch.  Here are some of my big takeaways and reinforcements of what I know to be true:

  • You must create a Unique Selling Proposition (secret sauce) to be successful in business.  The Blue Ocean Strategy book is a great book on this topic, according to Derek (I’m going to check this out).
  • Don’t copy other people.  Just because blogging or social media, as examples, are big right now doesn’t mean you should start a business in this area.  Darren from Problogger didn’t gain initial success from teaching people how to blog like a pro. He made it on other projects he was passionate about where he found success.  He then took all the things that brought him online success and began to share it on Problogger.
  • You MUST have experience and education (which includes life experiences) to teach someone else how to do something.  If you don’t have any followers or engagement on Twitter, you can’t sell yourself as a social media expert.
  • Don’t try to compete in a crowded room.  This goes back to creating a Unique Selling Proposition and copying others.  DO YOUR OWN THING!  And do it your way.
  • Just because someone says they are successful, doesn’t mean they really are.  One of the examples relates to people building a business around having a business that you can run from anywhere and being able to travel around the world.  Most people who have a business on this topic, aren’t actually living this lifestyle.
  • Feature boxes on websites are powerful (got to check into this one more)!

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