Top 10 Tips to Increase Blog Traffic

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“How do I increase my blog traffic?”

Have you ever asked this question while reading your blog posts? Or should it be, how many times have you asked this question? Either you just started blogging or have been in the industry for a while but rest assured that these guidelines will help you to increase your blog traffic.


These are the things that you should do, and you must do them constantly and continuously for them to effectively work in your advantage.

  • Write your “best post ever” all the time – Don’t just post for the sake of content, if you’re half interested while writing your article, what do you expect your readers would feel?
  • Be careful and be catchy – One of the most important key point to increase your blog traffic is choosing a great title, something that will stick to your readers even after reading what you have written.
  • Make it matter – All other practices will not work if you write topics that doesn’t matter. Write something relevant and has a purpose, may it be to help in small ways or as big as changing the world.
  • Try the trending – Write about the most popular topics (in your niche or not) and all the value that comes with it. To increase blog traffic, you must know what people are talking about.
  • All in perfect time – Sometimes, your content is great, relevant, interesting, funny, and has all other aspects that a content might to increase blog traffic but it still doesn’t. maybe you posted it when all the world is asleep, or is busy with their daily routine. Perfect timing is everything.

Here are some of the practices that you may or may not be doing now and is unconsciously affecting the increase of you blog traffic.

  • Don’t be complicated – In writing your blogs, don’t use complicated words and lose the interest and time of your readers in the process. Get to the point of what message you want to get out there.
  • Don’t get stuck – You have your niche and your topics in mind, you get good with it and that’s great! But to continuously increase your blog traffic, you need to offer a fresh idea, explore something you’ve never tried to write.
  • Don’t write with expiration date – Choose to write topics that will still be useful not just this month or this year but will ALWAYS be useful even if the time changes.
  • Don’t write about you, unless – Don’t write about your pets, your family, your hobbies, etc. unless these topics are those specifically working for your audience.  If your brand includes building a lifestyle or speaks to a specific niche, it may be helpful.
  • Don’t be a snob – Interaction with your audience is a powerful key to increase blog traffic, it will open new ideas on what to write about in the future and will give you an idea on how your readers react to the contents that you’ve written.

This is just a small list of guidelines but these are practices that’s been effective for multiple writers in building up their audience and with the right amount of hard work and passion I hope it helps to increase your blog traffic moving forward!

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