Top 7 Reasons You Want to Work with a Wordpress Coach

wordpress coachingWordPress is the top open source website creation tool. It’s one of the most powerful and easy to use content management systems (CMS). But for many people, there’s still a learning curve. This is why you work with a WordPress coach!

Why use WordPress? It’s really simple!

  1. It’s free! Free and widely used. This is not a generic CMS.
  2. It’s a fairly easy and very flexible platform.
  3. Support is easily accessible.
  4. It’s very SEO friendly.

Once you have your website, you’re ready to take the world by storm. Why would you need a WordPress coach? There are other ways to learn. You could spend hours googling, reading articles that might not tell what you need to know. You can join Facebook groups and rely on the information there. You could also search YouTube and watch videos that may or may not address your specific concerns.

Those methods can work. Many people use them. Many people however do not have that time to invest. So, who benefits from a WordPress Coach?

  • Businesses that are just getting started
  • A quick learner that just needs a basic overview
  • People who want a strategy to organize their site for the best customer journey
  • Anyone without hours to spend digging for answers
  • A company that wants their employees to have a crash course
  • Someone who wants to utilize the right plugins
  • Anyone who wants to learn the right and the efficient ways to care for their site

If any of those apply read on to find out why you want to work with a WordPress coach.

  1. You get highly personalized training and support.

There are many options, plugins, themes and more that can be utilized. Tell your WordPress coach what you want and they can personalize the training to be specific to your needs. Don’t waste time learning things that won’t be relevant.

  1. Learn at the pace you need.

Your WordPress coach can work at a rapid pace to accomplish your goals. They have the knowledge you would spend hours googling. If you want to take it slow your WordPress coach can take the time to help you learn what you need.

  1. Shorter time line for “go live” dates.

If you take out the research and learning curve you would have if doing this yourself, your website can be available for your customers swiftly. A WordPress coach can get you from “idea” to published website faster.

  1. You get insider knowledge and tips.

Instead of starting out no experience or understanding of WordPress, you get to start out with someone who specializes in it. You get the benefit of years of experience and insider knowledge just a phone call or email away.

  1. Get help capturing the unique voice and brand of your organization.

You know who you are, but you might not know how to make your site reflect that. A WordPress coach will know how to leverage the CMS to perfectly reflect your brand. Your site will “speak” in a voice your customers will come to know.

  1. You will learn valuable and marketable skills.

The skills you learn once you can navigate WordPress apply to many areas of life and business. You learn about problem solving, teamwork, technical knowledge, communication, data analysis and organization.

  1. You will have confidence in the final product.

You’ll know that your site is top quality. You also have the benefit of having support if you come across any issues. Your WordPress coach is a partner with you. Your success is their success. You can be assured of professional quality.

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