Top 8 Tips for Staying Motivated as an Entrepreneur

Starting a new business requires a lot of time, discipline and patience. Being an entrepreneur means you are your own critic. You are on top of everything. You have a team but you are solely responsible for completing details that can make or break your business. People rely on your direction, your goals and your vision for the company. You will benefit most when the business succeeds but you will also experience the most damage if it fails. There are days when you stare into space and wonder if you can still handle all the stress. Some days you will be out of concepts, goals and lose all the motivation you had from the start. At times, you will lose focus and ask yourself if you still want to press on despite all the problems and difficulties you encounter. On days like this, you will certainly need something to inspire you and give you a fresh start. I have collected a few simple, yet effective ways, on how to stay motivated and keep that entrepreneurial fire burning.

Set a regular workout time

Exercise is good for your brain and body. It helps improve your thinking skills and enhances your memory. Working out makes you feel good, boosts your mood and basically takes all the stress away. You can do simple exercises before you start work or even during your break. Josh Waldron,  Founder of Studio JWAL, LLC states that exercise helps refresh his brain, inspires him to be creative and provides him with a positive outlook.

Surround yourself with positivity

It sounds cliche, yes. Nevertheless, surrounding yourself with positive vibes is a tried and tested way to stay motivated. You can also read inspirational stories from successful entrepreneurs to awaken your positive spirit. Aside from keeping those positive thoughts, you can also put motivational quotes on your office wall or computer. You can also watch inspiring videos and listen to positive music.It’s a simple way of reminding yourself that positivity will bring forth a lot of advantages to your company.

Keep your bucket list updated

Setting goals is a very effective way to boost your motivation. We usually make a to-do list where we write down tasks we want to achieve for the day or for the week. In addition to this, you can make a bucket list of all the things you want to do and the goals you want to achieve. This way, you will have something thrilling to look forward to. Don’t be afraid to add or remove items to the list every now and then. You can also share your bucket list with your business partners and friends so that it will feel more realistic. Give your daily to-do list and your bucket list the same level of importance and keep your eye on the prize.

Celebrate small victories

This technique will make you feel both happy and motivated. Remember that time when you could not hit your sales target? I’m sure you felt disappointed and unmotivated then. But let’s try to revise the scenario for a bit. Let’s say you want to hit a sales target but part of your goal is to set up a social media page, increase brand awareness and get potential customers. Even if you missed your sales quota, you were still able to set up a page and launch the brand. Still sounds great, right? That is how you change your perspective and celebrate small wins.

Do good deeds for others

Keep in mind that the good you do for other people brings a positive impact on your physical and mental health. Doing good deeds also helps build a happier work environment. Compliment your staff, help a friend with his business or reward your assistant for a job well done. Whatever your method is, what matters is that you make it a point to do something good everyday.

Make time for yourself

I make sure to follow three R’s in my work life– rest, relax, reward. First, remember to take a good rest at the end of every workday. This is to ensure that you are charged with motivation for the following day. Next, always try to find time to relax and unwind. Always give yourself a breather whether it’s a quick break in the afternoon or a long vacation break in your dream destination. Also, reward yourself regardless if it’s a small or big victory. Set attainable milestones and assign a reward every time you accomplish something. Doing these techniques will excite and motivate you no matter how stressed or tired you are.

Connect with people

Let’s face it. Entrepreneurs who choose to do it alone are bound to fail. In starting a new business, you have to go out and meet people with similar interests and goals. Connect with an old friend or a former colleague and learn new things together. Another way to connect is to delegate your work to other people. You can hire an assistant or look for business partners. Words of wisdom from others are definitely a good source of motivation and inspiration.

Stay true to your mission

Every company has a bigger purpose than just getting customers and sales. When you feel no motivation at all, look back on the day you created your mission and you will realize how far you have come and how much your business has grown. Remind yourself of the reasons why you started the business in the first place. Most mission statements revolve around building a better world, addressing customer needs and inspiring other people. Stick to your company’s goals and mission to keep the motivation alive.

Motivation is key to business growth and development. Remember, you will be more productive and your goals become more attainable when you are highly motivated. Lack of motivation affects not only you, but your employees, your customers and even your family. You can always look back on these tips to help you get on your feet and start each day anew.

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