Top 8 Types of Tasks a Virtual Assistant Can Do For You

If you’re debating whether to outsource to a virtual assistant you might want to check out these tasks they can help you with. A virtual assistant works like an in-office assistant. They can help with administrative tasks, customer service, and more from a remote location.

They can help your business keep moving forward with daily tasks while you are orchestrating the big things. A great way to start out your quest to outsource to a virtual assistant is to use Chris Ducker’s “3 Lists to Freedom.”

The first is the things that you don’t like doing. This should include everything relevant to your business that you don’t enjoy but know has to be done.

The second is the things that you can’t do. This can be harder. You likely think you can do everything. But think about what you can’t do WELL. Maybe you can design a website, but, how does it look?

The third is the things you shouldn’t be doing. These can be simple tasks you can do without a problem, but that doesn’t need to be done by you. You’re capable of cataloging data into virtual folders, but shouldn’t you be making plans to grow your business?

Use your list in combination with these tasks below to determine if you should outsource to a virtual assistant. Here’s some of what they can do:

1.      Administration Support

Payroll, answer emails, invoicing. Basically this can encompass receptionist duties, bookkeeping, database mgmt., banking needs, reporting, and more.

2.      Customer Service/Support

Check and respond to email, live chat with customers, handle support tickets,  send out cards, newsletters, etc., and schedule appointments.

3.      Blog & Website Management

Write blogs and web content, create press releases, make promo marketing materials, create industry-specific how-tos or listicles, submit op-ed pieces to media, and respond to blog comments.

4.      Social Media

Open accounts for popular social media, create profiles with company info, write and share posts, comment on other posts, reply to comments on your posts, observe competitors’ social media, research hashtags, run contests, and more.

5.      SEO & Digital Marketing

Develop and update an SEO and marketing strategy, do keyword research, competitor analysis, link building campaigns, comment on other pages, blogs, media accts, etc., monitor Google Analytics, low-level design work, and more.

6.      Content Production

Write blogs and articles; create infographics and other content marketing material, design brochures, interview industry specialists, interview customers, write market reports.

7.      Email Management & Marketing

Write email campaigns, monitor and organize email, set up auto-responses, create signatures, picklist management software for email campaigns, clean up emails to keep a small database, and more.

8.      Audio & Video Editing

Basic video editing, creating intros, outros, inputting music and graphics, uploading videos to various sites, removing background noise, record, set up, edit and post podcasts, and more.


These eight tasks only touch the surface of the tasks that can be handled when you outsource to a virtual assistant. Contact us for more information today!