Troubleshooting When Your Website Appears to be Down

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When your site appears to be down, it can be quite stressful.  I understand your site is your livelihood in many cases.  No matter what you do, you will most likely experience your site being down at least once for a variety of reasons.
Sometimes the server is doing maintenance.  Updating plugins or themes or WordPress can also cause your site to appear down for a short period of time.
If you are a client of mine, here are a couple of resources to check and see if your site is actually down or if it’s an issue on your end.  Issues on your end can include computer problems, internet problems and browser problems.
To get started…
If you think your site is down, visit Down for Everyone to double check.  Sometimes, it’s something on your end rather than a hosting issues.  If it shows as being down for everyone, please contact me to resolve.  If it shows that it’s down for only and you’d like assistance troubleshooting, we can either use time on your account, if you have it, or you may purchase time using the link in the footer of this site.
Please note:  If it’s up for everyone else, you are most likely locked out or have a plugin conflict.  If you would like assistance troubleshooting and are locked out, I will need your IP address to resolve the issue.
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