Website Assessment

Is your website under-performing?
Having trouble getting visitors to act?
Just not feeling the love?

We offer a website critique for your WordPress or Shopify website.  We'll review your site and identify the best steps* you can take to improve the effectiveness of message.  While we can't guarantee sales or traffic, we can get you moving in the right direction to success.

Once you purchase your critique we'll have you complete a short questionnaire so we can get to work.

Please note:

  • Rate is for a single site review.
  • Review is on your site as a whole but you can specify specific one area of concern for me to look at more in depth and I will begin the process there.
  • Areas reviewed include general appearance, content, mobile accessibility, search engine optimization, ease of use and structure.
  • While we take a general look at SEO, specific keywords and copywriting needs are not included.
  • To complete the review, I'll need a login for your site.
  • Results will be provided .
  • Turnaround time is 1-2 weeks.

*this review is focused on best steps and may not include every need your site has, depending on the need level of your site.

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